Deputy Director General - ALYN Hospital

Dr. Be'eri is the Deputy Director General of Alyn Hospital and the Director of its Department of Respiratory Rehabilitation, a 14-bed facility for weaning and rehabilitation of ventilator-dependent children. The department is the only one of its kind in the Middle-East, and serves as a referral center for intensive care units around the country. Dr. Be'eri trained at Hadassah Hospital in Israel and Boston Children's Hospital in the USA, and is an innovator and pioneer in the fields of pediatric respiratory rehabilitation and home ventilation in Israel, with a focus on non-invasive ventilation techniques. Dr. Be'eri is also the founder of "Innovent Medical Solutions", a Jerusalem-based startup that has developed a novel and non-invasive secretion clearance technology currently in production in China. He has two patents, a textbook chapter and 9 international peer-reviewed research publications to his name.