VP of Digital Transformation - Geisinger - Janet Weis Children's Hospital

Rebecca directs the Geisinger digital strategy and oversees the Digital Transformation Office which sits within the Steele Institute for Health Innovation. The Digital Transformation Office supports the digital strategy through several core offerings to support its vision of making healthy easy and affordable to the communities Geisinger serves. The Digital Transformation office is a design-led and cross-functional with deep knowledge in strategy development, design experience, portfolio management, informatics, software engineering and evaluation. Rebecca’s mission is to “make health easy”, allowing consumers to easily manage their healthcare needs, receive care when and where they need it, and experience a simple, unified experience across the care journey. Rebecca’s work philosophy is centered on bringing a consumer first perspective, building a people-centered culture and cultivating the creative confidence of individuals. Dr. Stametz holds a Masters of Public Health from East Stroudsburg University and a Doctorate of Education in Adult Education from Pennsylvania State University.