Nurse Case Manager - St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

My name is Brooke Edell. I have been a nurse for over 25 years. For the majority of my career it has focused on advocating for Pediatrics, primarily medically fragile and special needs. My experience is diverse spanning from group homes to home health, teaching a health curriculum, medical day care, 5 years of heavy clinical bedside nursing culminating in the last 7.5 years as a pediatric case manager. I have my Masters in Nursing and Science with an emphasis on Nursing Education. I earned my Certification in Case Management (CCM) in 2019 and I am registered for the Accredited Case Management (ACM) certification in December. I am known for my perseverance, tenacity and unending commitment to the pursuit of advocacy and continuity for our most vulnerable of populations. I feel everything I have done in my career thus far has led me to this new, exciting adventure with KidsX.