Partner & VP of Product - Sidebench

Sidebench is a product and innovation venture studio where we co-invent, collaborate, and co-invest with our client partners. I lead the Product, Product Design, and Engineering teams and am always working to foster a culture of trust, innovation, curiosity, creativity, resilience, and accountability. As a Partner and the VP of Product, I bring my 15+ years of hard earned product leadership experience (as a Founder, President, and Chief Product Officer) to lead the Product, Design, and Engineering teams while focusing on developing our portfolio of startup investments and client partners that are creating purpose-driven products that make the world a better place. Outside of creating products, I am a founding member of the Digital Philanthropy Committee at Children’s Hospital LA and a frequent mentor for underprivileged youth with Ready To Succeed. I adore the creative process, music, art, fly fishing, and laughing uncontrollably with my loved ones.