VP, Business Development & Partnerships - Redox

Bio of Devin Soelberg (as written by his 8 y.o. twins, Adam and Carter): Our dad likes the color green and has brown hair and brown eyes. Our dad is a businessman. He works at Redox and goes on lots of trips. We like to play baseball and Settlers of Catan with him. He likes pork chops, chicken and Chinese food. He likes to watch BYU sports and cheers for the Green Bay Packers. Our family lives in Seattle. Devin is the VP, Business Development & Partnerships at Redox. He worked at Epic and as the head of operations for a private clinical practice before helping to start Redox in 2015. Redox is now connected to 250+ digital health companies and 850+ health systems and provider organizations. Our mission is to help make healthcare data useful, we accomplish that by taking on the complexity of PHI data exchange.