Director, Virtual Care, Kaiser Permanente CO, retired - Kaiser Permanente, retired

Jan led innovation and virtual care at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, where she worked for 18 years. She won a national KP award for her Mobile App Rating work, implemented video visits with YOUR doc and with A doc, and represented the Colorado Permanente Medical Group on a national committee leading the implementation of remote monitoring. She tested a wide variety of remote monitoring devices. She led pilots in the use of social media/networks and mobile apps to support members in achieving health-related goals. Ms. Ground worked with administrators to address the random approach used by both providers and members in taking advantage of virtual care options including email, telephone, video, remote monitoring, and chat/text. Ms. Ground's greatest expertise is in leading change, a significant need in implementing virtual care, and in working with leaders to clearly define a measurable problem before implementing a new approach to care. Her greatest passion is now working with healthcare leaders to lower the cost of the American healthcare system without lowering clinical outcomes OR to improve clinical outcomes without increasing the cost. Jan started her career as a pediatric physical therapist at Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC and All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg FL, and now enjoys her time volunteering at Children's Hospital Colorado!