Physician - AliveCor

Sarah is a physician entrepreneur who has spent her professional career developing digital medicine solutions. In addition to her clinical training, Sarah has held a variety of product positions, focused on developing provider-facing tools that operationalize medical data, across the healthcare technology ecosystem, at companies including McKesson, Zephyr Health, Bayesian Health, a machine learning startup spun out of Johns Hopkins funded by A16Z, and most recently at AliveCor where she is currently a senior clinical product manager. Sarah is most passionate about innovative care models that empower patients, and their physicians, to address health from an integrative approach. Along with her product experience, Sarah brings expertise in designing, and delivering, wellness programs to patients at a hybrid fitness/medical center, LA Palestra. She was also an Insite Fellow, Rock Health Fellow, and venture associate at Grand Central Tech. She serves on on the executive board of NODE Health, a consortium of 20+ hospital systems that serves as a home for digital medicine evidence, the physicians advisory board of Lightning Bolt Solutions, and the steering committee for NYU Langone's Health Tech Symposium. Sarah received her MD/MBA from NYU and her B.A. in Human Biology from Brown University.