Startup Advisor/Angel Investor/Autism Advocate - Autism Angels Group

Cathy Schwallie Farmer is a long time Startup Advisor, focusing mostly on Health-IT and Autism (20 years with Kaiser Permanente plus a UCSF JV entity). She is a co-founder and partner of the newly formed Autism Angels Group. This angel investor group invests in autism technology solutions, additionally they advocate for employment for ASD workers and support ASD entrepreneurs. Cathy has been involved in Autism since the late 1960’when one of her four brothers was diagnosed with Autism (another brother diagnosed with Asperger’s in the 1980’s). Cathy is a long time Venture Advisor at University of California, Berkeley, SkyDeck and LAUNCH accelerators. She is an Industry Mentor at National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (NSF i-Corps). Cathy sits on several boards including Startups in Data & HealthCare, Global funds and of course Autism related (Profits & Non-Profits). Cathy is also an Autism Consumer Research Reviewer for the DOD CDMRP (US congressional directive medical research program).