Meet the KidsX 2021 Class

KidsX has selected the following 13 startup companies to be part of its inaugural accelerator cohort. Click Here to return to the 2022 class.

Augment Therapy, Inc.

Lindsay Watson (CEO & Co-Founder); Steve Blake (CTO & Co-Founder)

Augment Therapy is an interactive software that uses the medium of AR to provide virtual pediatric rehab and remote patient monitoring across the care continuum.

Curbside Health

Dan Imler, MD (Co-Founder); Eric Leroux, MD (Co-Founder)

Curbside makes it faster and easier to put effectiveness at the center of every clinical decision by way of their AI-enabled predictive analytics solution that provides institution-specific recommendations and best practice pathways to guide the provider to care for patients.

Dock Health

Michael Docktor, MD (CEO & Co-Founder); Keather Roemhildt (CPO & Co-Founder)

Developed and spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), Dock is a HIPAA compliant, task management solution created to help teams better collaborate for optimal patient care.

Embodied Inc.

Paolo Pirjanian, Ph.D. (CEO & Founder)

A child development robot named Moxie that uses advanced AI/ML/NLP technologies and evidence-based therapy approaches to promote social, emotional, and cognitive skills for children.

Good Parents Inc.

CJ Swamy (CEO & Founder)

Connected care platform for pediatrics (3+ yrs) with integrated remote patient monitoring and care management solution. Focused on kids with at-risk conditions requiring proactive and continuous care such as Autism, Asthma, CVS, and other conditions.


Grace Chang (CEO & Founder); Rima Seiilova-Olson (ML Scientist & Founder)

Kintsugi uses voice biomarkers that score clinical depression and anxiety on the PHQ-9/GAD-7 instruments from less than a minute of free form speech for young adults 14+. The voice journaling application (iOS) provides 24/7 support to young adults and adults managing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Limbix Health, Inc.

Ben Lewis (CEO & Founder); Jon Sockell (COO & Co-Founder)

Limbix’s mission is to improve adolescent mental health with accessible technologies by developing a prescription digital therapeutic (PDTs), starting with Limbix Spark, a mobile self-guided CBT intervention for adolescents with depression.


Ruben Amarasingham (CEO & Founder)

By combining artificial intelligence with deep clinical knowledge and expertise in community networks, Pieces quantifies risk for social barriers to care, enabling care teams to predict health outcomes and present you with real-time, actionable information to intervene accordingly.


Kavi Misri (CEO & Founder)

Rose is built around a patient-facing mobile application and a provider-facing, web-based clinical dashboard that helps detect and monitor mental health and wellbeing as well as connect patients to needed care.


Christina York (CEO & Founder)

SpellBound is an augmented reality (AR) platform that delivers 3D experiences via mobile device. ARISE is a full-featured digital scavenger hunt game which motivates critically ill and recovering pediatric patients to engage in movement-based therapy.

Vitls Inc.

Werner Vorster (CEO & Co-Founder); Louise Vorster (COO & Co-Founder)

Vitls is a remote patient monitoring wearable packed with sensors that continuously and remotely monitors a patient’s vital signs, reliably and undisturbed at home or in the hospital. Think of it as an incredibly clever band-aid that monitors body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and SpO2.


Guillaume De Zwirek (CEO & Founder)

WELL is the last mile of patient communication, unifying messages from multiple departments into single, familiar conversational bi-directional text thread.


Dom Raban (CEO & Founder)

Xploro uses AR, gamification and AI to reduce anxiety for children going to hospital.