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Applying as a Startup

The application period has closed for our inaugural class. 

We still want to meet innovative companies interested in disrupting the pediatrics market. If you are interested in receiving updates on the next application cycle, complete our short form. 

The KidsX Difference

Access to Decision Makers

KidsX Champions are decision makers at their hospitals who have budget and oversight to make decisions about digital health. By working directly with these decision makers, founders can learn about how best to navigate the pediatric market.

10,000+ Hospital Beds

The KidsX consortium has over 40 pediatric hospitals that have over 10,000 inpatient beds, over 4 million ambulatory care visits and over 300,000 surgeries each year. The size and geographic reach of KidsX allows for participating companies to scale rapidly in the pediatric market.

Reverse Pitch

KidsX starts by asking hospitals, “what problems would you spend money to solve?” The KidsX WishList is an innovative approach to company sourcing and selection and will help position companies for achieving product/market fit.

KidsX Wish List

KidsX hospitals have come together to prioritize a select set of problems they wish to solve using innovative digital solutions. The KidsX Accelerator’s unique reverse pitch model enables better alignment between participating companies and KidsX hospitals at the onset of the program.

  • wishlist-1

    Monitor patients at home, with wearables & bi-directional communication

  • wishlist-6

    Care coordination tool between school staff, hospitals, pediatricians, specialists, therapists and parents

  • wishlist-4

    Tool to coordinate multiple appointments for a patient with complex care needs

  • wishlist-3

    Improve transition from pediatric to adult healthcare

  • wishlist-5

    Virtual rehab for kids (post-op physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy) using gamification

  • wishlist-7

    Improve pediatric mental wellness through gamification in mobile apps

  • wishlist-2

    Preparing families & patients before surgery, with bi-directional communication & measuring pre-operative adherence

  • wishlist-8

    Predictive analytics to predict adverse clinical outcomes in pediatric patients

Accelerator Timeline