Pediatric Innovation

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KidsX brings together the top children’s hospitals and talented digital health companies to build, test and deploy software solutions to make pediatric care exceptionally impactful, safe, and convenient for children and families.

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About KidsX

As a global leader in pediatric digital health innovation, KidsX facilitates collaboration between leading children’s hospitals, providers, payors, investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate partners to solve the most pressing problems in pediatric care delivery.

KidsX is anchored by a consortium of the leading children’s hospitals from across the country and globe, motivated to partner with early stage digital health companies to transform pediatric care.

Learn More which has the link about kidsx

2023 KidsX Focus Areas

Every year KidsX hospitals come together to prioritize a select set of focus areas they wish to solve using innovative digital solutions. The KidsX Accelerator’s unique reverse pitch model enables alignment between participating companies and KidsX hospitals at the onset of the program. This year’s focus areas are: 

Mental & Behavioral Health

Solutions could address resources for pediatric patients, tools and resources for treating providers, detection/screening/triage, at-home engagement/monitoring, automation and AI, and other areas

Staffing Shortages and Education

Solutions could address staffing recruitment/retention, continuing education and competencies, relieving burnout, reducing workload, and other related areas for staff at pediatric organizations

Care Coordination

Solutions could address care coordination between specialists, between pediatric organizations, between providers and a pediatric patient’s support network, and coordination for patients transitioning out of pediatric care

Health Equity

Solutions could address bias within data, access to underserved individuals and/or communities, resources for staff, providers, pediatric patients, and/or families to increase equity, and other areas

Patient Experience

Solutions could address a pediatric organization’s digital front door, translation and education services, communication, or other aspects of pediatric patient experiences