About KidsX

KidsX is a global ecosystem of pediatric innovators, anchored by a consortium of over 40 children’s hospitals from North America, Europe and Australia motivated to partner with early stage digital health companies to transform pediatric care.

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KidsX Wish List

KidsX hospitals have come together to prioritize a select set of problems they wish to solve using innovative digital solutions. The KidsX Accelerator’s unique reverse pitch model enables better alignment between participating companies and KidsX hospitals at the onset of the program.

  • wishlist-1

    Remote Patient Monitoring

  • wishlist-6

    Care Coordination Tool between Parents, Providers, and Schools

  • wishlist-4

    Appointment Coordination for Complex Care

  • wishlist-3

    Care Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare

  • wishlist-5

    Virtual Rehab (PT, ST, OT) for Kids, using Gamification 

  • wishlist-7

    Pediatric Mental Wellness in Mobile Apps

  • wishlist-2

    Preparing Families Before Surgery to Reduce Anxiety and Cancellations

  • wishlist-8

    Predictive Analytics for Adverse Clinical Outcomes

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