Announcing the 2024 Cohort for the KidsX Accelerator

KidsX is proud to announce the 2024 cohort for its flagship accelerator! Close to 100 pediatric startups from all over the world applied to be part of the program this year, indicating the ever-growing expansion of pediatric innovation. From this highly competitive pool of applicants, seven companies were ultimately selected to be part of this year’s cohort. Through the KidsX Accelerator, this cohort will have the unique opportunity to directly engage and work directly with key decision makers from the KidsX Member Hospital Consortium, comprised of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals, in addition to influential leaders and mentors in the healthcare industry over a 10-week period from May-August.

This year, the KidsX Member Hospital Consortium prioritized five focus areas to address the most critical problems facing pediatric healthcare and ensure that pediatric patients and families are receiving the most state-of-the-art care available.

  • AI Automation solutions that support workforce optimization including data entry, documentation, clinical decision making, hospital operations, and patient insights extraction for pediatric hospitals
  • Care Journey Navigation and Triaging solutions for pediatric hospitals and emergency departments to support the patient and caregiver experience
  • Health Literacy tools to address social determinants of health for pediatric patients
  • Hospital at Home technologies to support early discharge and/or acute pediatric patients
  • Pediatric Mental & Behavioral Health planning, monitoring, and wraparound services

To directly address these focus areas, seven companies were selected to be in the 2024 KidsX Accelerator Cohort:

  • Carenostics: Carenostics is empowering clinicians with AI to tackle the underdiagnosis, undertreatment, and health inequities of chronic disease and to support guideline driven medical therapy.
  • DropStat: Dropstat uses AI to predict unfilled shift gaps, and autonomously fills shift needs with the safest, most cost efficient team member available.
  • Gabi Smartcare: Gabi SmartCare is building a care-at-home platform and services, empower physicians to bring care home, reducing operational costs, while elevating pediatric care and fostering parental peace of mind.
  • Neurosigma: NeuroSigma is a bioelectronic medical device company commercializing the Monarch eTNS System. The Monarch is a wearable medical device cleared by FDA for treating pediatric ADHD that delivers safe and effective brain stimulation, at night, and while the child is sleeping.
  • Nicolette: Nicolette’s patented technology mines raw patient data and transforms it into easy-to-use tools that empower patients and their families to self-advocate. NicoBoard empowers NICU parents with conversational updates & insights, curated education, and participation tools.
  • Teleo: Teleo is a telemental health platform for children ages 5-18 improving access, quality, and efficiency of mental health care delivery to children.
  • Welfie: Welfie is a youth mental health platform enabling pediatric mental and behavioral health providers to deliver health equity via health education, care planning, monitoring (measurement based care), and wraparound services to improve pediatric population health.

KidsX has successfully graduated 6 classes since 2021 through its various accelerator programs. As this 7th cohort embarks on their accelerator journey, the KidsX team looks forward to supporting their missions in improving pediatric care delivery.