Pediatric Hospitals collaborating to advance digital innovation

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Source: Claire Bonaci  Today Ryan Tubbs speaks with Omkar Kulkarni, the Chief Innovation Officer for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles about their latest initiative KidsX.   Ryan Tubbs  Hi, good afternoon. This is Ryan Tubbs, digital transformation officer for Microsoft healthcare. I’m joined today by Omkar Kulkarni, he’s the Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital.

Accelerate Pediatric Virtual Care: Omkar Kulkarni, Managing Director for KidsX

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Source:   Kerry Amato : 0:00 Awesome Hello changemakers and welcome to this episode of The hims accelerate health podcast. This is Carrie Amato, the Executive Director for innovation at hinze. Today I’m joined by unkar Kulkarni. He is the Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the managing director of kids x,.

Launch of the KidsX Accelerator and Global Ecosystem

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Source: For far too long, a chasm has existed between adult and pediatric healthcare innovation creation. To address the challenges we’re facing within digital pediatric healthcare product development, I have some great news to share! In this episode I’ll be talking about the big news from Omkar Kulkarni’s camp, regarding the launch of the.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles launches 26-hospital pediatric digital innovation accelerator

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Source:   Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is spearheading a new digital health accelerator that will link 26 hospitals across the U.S., U.K. and Australia with 10 tech companies focused on increasing digital innovations in pediatric healthcare. Applications for the 13-week program, dubbed KidsX, opened Sept. 1; the program will follow a reverse pitch model,.