Children’s Hospital Los Angeles launches accelerator for pediatric digital health

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Source:     While digital health for adults is a booming business, innovation in the pediatric market has lagged. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles wants to change this. The hospital is leading a digital health accelerator that will link more than 30 hospitals across the U.S., U.K. and Australia with technology companies focused on increasing digital innovations for.

Calling All Innovators: Pediatric Hospitals Seek Solutions for Healthcare Pain Points Through KidsX Accelerator

Source:   Though children comprise about 15 percent of all medical patients, a disproportionately high number of health care apps are geared toward adults. Yet adult-oriented health care apps seldom work for children. For example, adult asthma management apps don’t translate well for use by children and for their specific needs; they don’t contain.

Pediatric Hospitals collaborating to advance digital innovation

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Source: Claire Bonaci  Today Ryan Tubbs speaks with Omkar Kulkarni, the Chief Innovation Officer for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles about their latest initiative KidsX.   Ryan Tubbs  Hi, good afternoon. This is Ryan Tubbs, digital transformation officer for Microsoft healthcare. I’m joined today by Omkar Kulkarni, he’s the Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital.

Accelerate Pediatric Virtual Care: Omkar Kulkarni, Managing Director for KidsX

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Source:   Kerry Amato : 0:00 Awesome Hello changemakers and welcome to this episode of The hims accelerate health podcast. This is Carrie Amato, the Executive Director for innovation at hinze. Today I’m joined by unkar Kulkarni. He is the Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the managing director of kids x,.