KidsX and Anthem, Inc. Pediatric Innovation Challenge: Creating a Pathway for Holistic Pediatric Services

The Anthem Digital Incubator, an initiative in which Anthem works with emerging startups to solve some of our biggest health challenges, is launching a challenge in partnership with KidsX that will redefine pediatric care delivery models KidsX, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration, and Anthem, Inc., a.

KidsX & Vinaj Ventures Partner to Advance Adolescent Mental Wellbeing

KidsX and Vinaj Ventures logo

KidsX and Vinaj Ventures are thrilled to announce a new partnership to catalyze innovation in adolescent mental wellbeing. This partnership will leverage the expertise the Vinaj Ventures team has gained through Telosity, a Vinaj Ventures Fund investing in early-stage companies improving youth mental wellbeing, to strengthen connections between KidsX members and emerging mental health and.