KidsX Announces 2022 Accelerator Cohort Companies

KidsX announces the pediatric-focused digital health companies invited to participate in the 2022 KidsX Accelerator. The eight finalists were selected from more than 150 applicants after a series of interviews, diligence, and KidsX Selection Day – a live virtual pitch event for KidsX Member organizations to meet and vote on the companies that solve top problems at their organizations. The KidsX Accelerator’s applicants, interviewees, and cohort represent a diverse group of healthcare solutions by diverse leadership.

  • 57% of all applicants who applied are considered women or minority-led/owned
  • 63% of those interviewed are considered women or minority-led/owned
  • 68% invited to selection day are considered women or minority-led/owned
  • 100% of companies invited to the program are considered women or minority-led/owned 

KidsX hospitals came together to prioritize a select set of problems they wish to solve using innovative digital solutions. The KidsX Accelerator’s unique reverse pitch model enables alignment between participating companies and KidsX hospitals at the onset of the program. These selected set of problems were the basis for determining the 2022 KidsX Wishlist, which includes:

  1. Pediatric Mental Health & Behavioral Health
  2. Care Coordination & Adherence
  3. AI/ML
  4. Chronic Condition Management & Patient-Reported Outcomes
  5. Game Changer 

Since the first accelerator program ended in June 2021, KidsX startups have launched more than 20 and counting pilots, research studies, or enterprise wide rollouts at KidsX member organizations. KidsX is looking forward to supporting this next cohort and group of children’s hospitals in accelerating pediatric innovation and engaging in partnerships to solve their most pressing problems. 

About KidsX

KidsX, through the support of The City of Glendale, brings together the top children’s hospitals and talented digital health companies to build, test and deploy software solutions to make pediatric care exceptionally effective, safe, efficient, and convenient for children and families. The KidsX Accelerator supports early-stage digital health companies to achieve product and business model validation in the pediatric market. Given the access to the highly engaged hospitals in the KidsX network, companies are able to validate product/market fit in pediatrics quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

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2022 KidsX Accelerator Cohort:

Astarte Medical is a clinical intelligence company providing digital solutions to support nutrition and feeding practices in the NICU.  NICUtrition® provides an intuitive presentation of feeding, nutrition, and growth-related data to the NICU care team to improve outcomes for preterm infants.

CapMedic Remote Patient Monitoring solution simplifies chronic lung disease management with its novel FDA-cleared smart inhaler that talks to patients in real-time for correct and regular inhaler use. The same device doubles as a spirometer to track lung function in 3 seconds with clinic-grade accuracy and the platform seamlessly combines

multiple biomarkers to facilitate timely interventions. 

Custom just-in-time training and support platform for frontline healthcare teams. Empower nurses with hyper-localized best practices, to drive quality, safety, and efficiency.

Floreo’s vision is a world that is open and accessible for every neurodiverse person. Our mission is to create the first behavioral therapy metaverse, a virtual world that is safe for learners, equipping them with skills and tools they can apply in their everyday lives. We have developed a VR platform that teaches social, behavioral, communication, and life skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related diagnoses.

Nudg is a data-driven short-form content platform for children and adolescents managing a chronic condition.  Nudg connects easily to wearable devices like Dexcom’s Continuous Glucose Monitor and personalizes short bursts (nudges) of engaging educational content.

Rhaeos, Inc. is a VC-backed, clinical-stage medical device company developing FlowSense, platform technology, and a noninvasive wireless, wearable skin patch that can assess and monitor fluid flow peripherally throughout the body.

Semantic Health helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of manual, error-prone medical coding and auditing processes that rely on unstructured clinical documentation. Their software platform, the Semantic Auditor, uses proprietary artificial intelligence and deep learning to automate secondary reviews and prioritization of all coded and claims data with respect to the source clinical documentation.

Smileyscope™ is a global pioneer in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) digital therapeutics. The company merges evidence-based medicine with state-of-the-art technology, providing ground-breaking digital treatments that help patients manage pain, anxiety, and mental health.